Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to my world....

I'd like to welcome you to my latest step down the information super-highway: the wonderful world of blogging. Join me as I travel deeper into the 21st Century.
Dare I enter yet another arena of communication that takes us further and further away from the need for personal contact? If I don't I may never have the opportunity to speak with some of you. It's time to catch up with the Jones' and take advantage of this "e-world".

Although I am not a complete stranger to blogging, I have never sought out a home base for my blogs, or had the desire to make it a constant in my life.... until now.

I'm in a season where more and more of you are picking my brain, and I thought this would be a great outlet to 'download' the data from within... for you, your friends, and the world to hear. Who knows, it may be therapeutic, although I'd be hard-pressed to find something to replace the peace that comes from fishing a flowing river or a calm lake as the sun comes up on a new day, while humming the melody to a song I've never heard before. Ahh, my pole and tackle box are "beckoning me near."

Ok, back to reality and my motivation for "Love All Over The Web."

I'm in a place in my life where I'm stripping away all the layers of religion and man-made tradition to see what remains. All in an effort to be a more effective, Christ-like, member of mankind. To run the human race toward "the prize".... the finish line. I want to impact others with the simple message of 'love' that impacted me over 15 years ago in the chapel of a state prison. In short: I want to be used.

  • MY VOICE: To speak life, encouragement, truth and compassion

  • MY EYES: To find the need and see the best in others

  • MY HANDS: To reach out to others in my sphere of influence

  • MY TALENTS: To write and perform music with a relevant, life-changing message

  • MY EARS: To listen to the cares, concerns, and opinions of others

  • MY FEET: To travel outside of my comfort zone for the sake of others

The reason I refer to this blog as a 'journey' of sorts, is because I'm not there yet. I want to be, but I have a long way to go. My guess is others, like yourself, may be far from the mark as well. Like me, you may be wanting to make a change, but find yourself distracted by this thing called 'life'. I'm convinced that 'love' is the missing link. I'm convinced that 'love' is enough to accomplish the listed items above.

You may, or may not, have guessed by now that I am a man of faith... a believer.... a Christian. Before you click away from my blog because of a bad experience you might have had in the past with a 'christian', or an overbearing parent who hypocritically crammed the Bible down your throat, or due to a long list of unanswered prayers or "why did He let that happen(s)", I selfishly ask you to hang on for just a moment longer. The latest YouTube craze or TMZ celebrity dirt will still be there when you leave this page... or at least I hope so!

I'm on a journey to find out who God intended me to be. With a slew of emotions, feelings, and choices in this world, who is it He wants me to be. A fake, robot-like, blind follower? Or a man who feels, falls, fights, and finds Him in everyday, every circumstance, every struggle, and every victory? My guess is the latter. You see I'm convinced that God is still in the business of loving people like you and me.... no matter what... "not willing that any should perish..." I believe that He is all-knowing and not at all surprised by my shortcomings or repeated mistakes. I'm convinced that He loves me despite the parts of me that are contrary to His Word. He loves me. And like any other loving father, He loves me through the storms... through the bad choices... through the selfish decisions... patiently waiting for me to get it right. And what does 'getting it right' look like? I think it looks like me loving people... just as they are.... just like He does. When I have mastered this type of 'love' I'll be there.... hitting the mark.

So, you can follow my journey here to cheer me on, or to laugh at me. To pray for me or to shake your fist at me. Or you can click away from this page, never to return, and continue on in your journey far from this blog. Whatever you do, I hope you won't let me or anyone else keep you from giving God a chance. Don't let my mistakes, or the mistakes of others, keep you from calling out to Jesus and saying, "If you're really out there.........................!" He loves you.

Well, this was way tooooo long for my first blog! Sorry about that guys! Welcome to my world....


  1. Very cool Richard, a great way to share your heart!!

  2. Richard, I too am under construction, but as you say our Father does love us very much. You are an amazing man with an amazing story to tell. I hope that you never stop telling it. The more you tell the more you become like him...I love you, we all love you. Seek and ye shall find!


  3. I was secretly hoping this would happen as I have looked at your others!
    I was listening to your music as I read your blog. It just felt like the right thing to do! :P Just like when I hear one of your songs on the radio, I hafta go and listen to ALL your music that I own.
    I wondered about the blog thing…you have quite a few. But this is GREAT! Now I can add you to my blog roll :D Although having more than one is a great way to get you known for all the different blog audiences out there! (And yes, I wish we had more personal contact. Maybe I am looking in the wrong area for condo’s/work? Hahaha!
    Paul, in Romans 7: 15 – “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” In my trying to hold on to what I want in life, I found myself hurting others, I myself hurt and confused by lifes circumstances at the time. Totally unsure of where God was in all of this. Believing He was directing me one way because I was close to living my dream (Montana), when in reality it was really me in my selfishness. (I had my first day as a volunteer in a preschool classroom yesterday. Two hours and she is already going to recommend me for other classes in that school. Ohmygoodness !!!!!!
    “Stripping away the religion and man-made tradition to find what’s underneath”. Some I like some I dislike and God is changing me all the same. I found myself one day talking to God about seeing Him in the little things as I get excited about the BIG things He is doing in my life. I think often about what you said to me in your note a few months back---about “looking for God”. I am finding him in the little things and it having a huge impact spiritually as well as emotionally.
    “I want to be used” YES! That is SO me! Not on a career path to find a job that would make me the most money, but finding one where I would be most used for His glory. Although I would love to be making more than I am now….(ooo, here’s the selfish side creeping out again!) I don’t feel like I can do a whole lot just living on Government money, but could God be working in this as well? Idunno
    “I am on a journey to find out who God intended me to be.” I feel as though I am on a similar journey, of letting God be God, Letting Him drive my life, and not dictating where He should and should not lead me. Stretching my imagination for what could be ahead in my future. Tired of people telling me what I can and cannot do, career and otherwise because lately I have felt like a robot. Not feeling as though I have much of a voice (say) in what goes on…but slowly even THAT is changing.
    I finally understand a little of what God has been up to lately. Thank You Richard for letting God use you in the capacity that He has. (I am finding out that as much as I love His word, it is music hat has the deepest impact on me, I am a worshipper. When worship ends in church and its time for His message…I AM NOT DONE WORSHIPPING YET! I am just getting started! I am still amazed by your testimony and how God has led you into music. Shortly after meeting you I had to comb the web to find anything and everything I could on who this Richard Andrew guy was. And THAT was the day I your songs “None Compare” and “Fall Apart” changed my life.
    Be Blessed Dear Brother!!!

  4. Nice! May your words be powerfully used by the power of the Holy Spirit to turn the hearts of those who come to this place toward our Savior and His immense, loving and endless grace.